Patent Evaluation

We evaluate and categorize your patent portfolio according to certain classification criteria, and extract patents that have high potential for monetization.

EoU/ClaimChart Analysis

We conduct EoU (evidence of Use) search for product data sheets/standards documents, etc., and create claim charts at a reasonable cost to demonstrate patent infringement.

Patent Brokerage

We support the sale of patents. We evaluate the patent portfolio to be sold, create claim charts for representative patents, and approach potential buyers.

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Support for monetization of patent assets

 We provide support for monetization using patent assets such as licensing out and selling patents. Specifically, we evaluate patent portfolios, prepare claim charts/EoU based on infringement evidence investigation, and act as an intermediary for patent sales.

What is a claim chart/EoU?

A claim chart is a document in which the wording of the claims described in the patent claims is divided into elements, and each element is compared with the corresponding part of a third party’s product or standard document on a one-to-one basis. In some cases, it is also called Evidence of Use (EoU) because it is evidence that the patented invention is being used by a third party.

Why do we need claim charts/EoUs?

Claim charts/EoUs are used not only when asserting infringement of patents against third parties, but also when demonstrating the high economic value of the company’s patent in situations where companies are utilizing its patent assets through patent licensing or patent assignment. The quality and quantity of claim charts/EoUs have a significant impact on the success or failure of patent license negotiations and the amount of money to be transferred in patent sales. Therefore, we believe that it is essential to prepare high quality claim charts/EoUs in order to make the most effective use of your patent assets.

Details of Services

 Patent portfolio evaluation

 We evaluate and classify your patent portfolio according to certain classification criteria. The evaluation criteria are based on the following factors: (1) ease of proving infringement, (2) possibility of use in the market, (3) duration until patent expiration, and (4) market size of the subject product.

 Specifically, as the first basic step, each patent is classified into four ranks, A, B, C, and D, based on the following two perspectives: (1) ease of proving infringement and (2) probability of use in the market .

  Ease of proving infringement
Easy Possible Difficult
Possibility of use in the market High A B C
Medium B C D
Low C D D

 As an additional step, it is also possible to subdivide the rankings by considering (3) the duration until patent expiration and (4) the market size of the subject product.

 In this way, we can help you to identify patents with high value that can be utilized in license negotiations and lawsuits. It also helps to improve the quality of the patent portfolio, reduce costs, and secure funds to acquire new rights by identifying patents that are candidates for abandonment.

Evidence of Use Search / Creation of Claim Charts

 We conduct evidence of use search within the range of documents available free of charge, such as public documents on the Web like product data sheets for product, standard specifications and etc.. We conduct investigations to the extent that disassembly, processing, analysis, simulation, etc. are unnecessary, and create claim charts/EoU at reasonable cost.

*In particular, we have a lot of experiences in creating claim charts using product data sheets of semiconductor chips and mobile communication standards defined by 3GPP as evidence.

Product Analysis Support

 When customers use a reverse engineering company to conduct product analysis, we can provide support in planning the analysis plan, reviewing the analysis results, and creating claim charts using the analysis data.

Patent Sale Brokerage

 We support the sale of patents. We evaluate the patent portfolio to be sold, prepare claim charts for representative patents, and approach potential buyers.

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Service fee

 We provide flexible services according to the client’s objectives and strategies. Therefore, we will provide you with an estimate after individual consultation and discussion. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us.